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Sheikh Nazim taks about al-Fatihah

Then Allah Almighty is teaching His worshippers, His servants, to say;
Ihdina’s sirata’l mustaqeem
“O our Lord” - He is signing; “O people, all of you must put your hands together on the same point.  You must be altogether, and not separated, even when you are praying, you must say; ‘O our Lord, please lead, or guide us upon the right path.’”
You must not think only of yourself, but you must think for all mankind to be guided upon the right path.
Mustaqeem - so that you may look from every side, from every direction and see that it is correct.  From every direction the right path is correct and perfect.  Therefore, when you are asking, you must ask for the perfect way.  And you must walk on the rightest way.  That gives you honour.  Allah Almighty is teaching and directing and guiding all people.
Because your egos (your horses, or, your donkeys) are always asking to escape from the road, to go on the grass [to eat] from here and there.  It never wants to go on the road, but to go to this side or the other.  Therefore, you must look after your horse, or donkey, to keep it on the right path.  “And you must ask from Me; ‘O my Lord, give me one stick in my hand so that I may lead my horse on Your right path.’”  He says that you must ask;  “If you cannot do it, you must ask for My Divinely help, and then I will help you.”
That is an opening for those who are thinking about their egos and worried about it.  Allah Almighty is giving good tidings; “O My servants, don’t be worried.  Ask from Me and I will help you and give you support.  [Say; Ihdina’s sirata’l mustaqeem Guide us on Your right path.”
Who are those people who are on the right path?
Those people are the Prophets, the saints (awliyyahs), and the Believers.  This is the group of people who are coming in this part of the Verse.  They include all of the Prophets, from the beginning with Adam, up to the end with the Seal of Prophets - one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets, coming one after one.
These are those who have been given Divinely rewards from Allah Almighty.  You must ask to be guided on their path.
Not the path of devils that Allah Almighty is too angry with them.  They are deceiving and cheating people, and taking them on the wrong ways, and making them leave the right path upon which the Prophets and Saints are going to their Lord.
That is an opening - an endless opening, for people to know every good one from mankind - they must know the saliheen - the good ones.
And they must know about devils who are among people, through mankind.  They are dressed in the forms of mankind but they are devils.  They must recognise [them].
The last part includes those people upon whom is the Divinely anger.  Because they lost their ways and are making people to lose the right path.
So this whole Opening is [to give] endless openings to the Children of Adam for everything that they may need during their lives, here and hereafter.
This is a very, very, very short explanation that we have been given now, but I think that it should be like a gigantic galaxy that is seen from the earth as a little spot.  They are speaking of Andromeda.  It is a huge galaxy.  It is seen in the sky only as a little spot, but they are saying that it is a gigantic galaxy, greater than ours, including 300 billion gigantic stars.  The naked eye only sees it as a very little spot, but it includes such a huge number of stars.
It is going to be an example for Fatihah.  It is impossible to fall down more than this for an explanation for the Surah of “Opening”.
It is enough for a thinker to think about that Surah of “Opening”.  Who looks by his wisdoms and knowledge must say “ashhadu an la ilaha illa’llah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasooluhu” - “I am witness that there is no god but Allah, and I am witness that Muhammad, peace be upon him, is His Prophet”.
But whoever has a head filled with straw cannot see, and mostly people are carrying straw about the Holy Qur’an.
And I am asking forgiveness.

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Lady Lucie Duff Gordon (1821-1869) lived in Luxor, Egypt from 1862 in the hope that the consumption she was suffering from would improve. She learnt Arabic, and often visited and prayed at the tomb of Sufi Sheikh Yusuf abu’l-Hajjaj.

Letter to her husband, Sir Alexander Duff Gordon, from Cairo 16th October 1866:

'My Reis spoke such a pretty parable the other day that I must needs write it. A Coptic Reis stole some of my wood, which we got back by force and there was some reviling of the Nazarenes in consequence from Hoseyn and Ali; but Reis Mohammed said:

“Not so; Girgis is a thief, it is true, but many Christians are honest; and behold, all the people in the world are like soldiers, some wear red and some blue; some serve on foot, others on horseback, and some in ships; but all serve one Sultan, and each fights in the regiment in which the Sultan has placed him, and he does what does his duty best is the best man, be his coat red or blue or black.”

I said, `Excellent words, oh Reis, and fit to be spoken from the best of pulpits.' It is surprising what happy sayings the people here hit upon; they cultivate talk for want of reading, and the consequence is great facility narration and illustration. Everybody enforces his ideas, like Christ, in parables.'